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Consultas / Re:Dúvida sobre como montar uma consulta específica
« Última Mensagem: por rfssilvasp Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 12:38:14 pm »
Bom dia pessoal, obrigado pelo retorno !

Sei que daria para usar uma view ou procedure, acontece que algumas bases eu não posso alterar, nem criar nada , não tenho permissão, e não quero depender do dba.

Por isso teria que ver uma forma de me virar com selects...

Consultas / Re:Dúvida sobre como montar uma consulta específica
« Última Mensagem: por Haroldo Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 11:43:41 am »
Crie uma tabela com as colunas que seu select retorna.
Uma Stored Procedure com parâmetros pára alimentar essa tabela em cima da sua instrução.

Execute a stored prodedure no evento onscriptinit da consulta.

Quanto a consulta, basta cria-la em cima dessa tabela.
Consultas / Re:Dúvida sobre como montar uma consulta específica
« Última Mensagem: por Thyago Brasil Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 11:30:30 am »
Bom dia!! Tenta criando uma view
Consultas / Dúvida sobre como montar uma consulta específica
« Última Mensagem: por rfssilvasp Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 11:29:27 am »
Bom dia a todos !

Tenho uma aplicação onde preciso montar uma consulta utilizando um select pouco convencional.
Este select retorna uma lista de documentos que não estão na tabela.
ps: banco Postgres.

Na minha aplicação anterior, em Delphi, este select funciona perfeitamente:

select a.documento -1 as numero_documento from documentos a
where (a.documento <> 1)
and not exists (select b.documento from documentos b
where b.documento = (a.documentos-1))
order by documento

Quando tento utilizar este select em uma consulta com grid simples, não funciona.
Gera erro como se fosse uma instrução sql inválida, acho.
Há alguma forma de mudar o select que será carregado para o grid antes de o grid ser montado ?
Ou poderia utilizar este select em uma aplicação controle, mas aí não sei como exibir estes dados em um grid nesta aplicação.

Poderiam ajudar ?
Aba / Ubisoft promotional video about the MMOGO
« Última Mensagem: por nba18mt Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 04:03:05 am »
Ubisoft promotional video about the game, in which Shelley explains its basal bread-and-butter system.Dusseldorf-based Dejected Byte, which has developed The Settlers alternation aback its conception in 1993, is a accessory of Ubisoft. It is FIFA 18 Coins acceptable Shelley is confined as a bound adviser on the action rather than in a long-term, on-site capacity.

The Xbox Live and PlayStation Arrangement 2009 video adventurous Matt Hazard: Bood Bath and Aloft is a bluff of video adventurous adeptness and the amateur themselves, but development of the appellation wasn't all laughs, according to developer Vicious Cycle.The 10-year-old flat had affluence of acquaintance in shipment amateur to retail, so CEO Eric Peterson and the Matt Hazard:

BBB development aggregation fabricated the acceptance that the company's aboriginal downloadable adventurous "would be a snap.""We were amiss in that acceptance and we fabricated in actuality a few mistakes as a result," Peterson said in a new Gamasutra affection afterwards on the game, which is the aftereffect to Vicious Cycle's Eat Lead: The Acknowledgment of Matt Hazard from February 2009.Because

Matt Hazard: BBB was a adventurous that relied on apology and mimicking, the flat initially believed that a lot of the foundation for architecture was already laid down. "We affected that aback we were artful architecture elements from abounding titles FUT Coins afore us, that it would be simple to carbon the gameplay and get the feel of the adventurous adapted from the onset," he said. But it wasn't that simple"Because we fabricated these assumptions -- and a few added mistakes -- the action that was declared to be a breeze bound angry into a adventurous that about spun out of control

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Aba / D.I.C.E. Acme in Las Vegas this advancing of mtnba2k
« Última Mensagem: por nba18mt Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 04:02:10 am »
 D.I.C.E. Acme in Las Vegas this advancing February 19th.The alleged finalists are as NBA 2K18 MT follows: Non-Professional CategoryClimb to the Top of the Castle (TwO Bros. Games)Dreamside Maroon (Terraced)Galactic Arms Race (Galactic Arms Race)Gear (Team 3)Waker (Poof Productions)zeit2 (Brightside Games)Professional CategoryAaaa! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (Dejobaan Games, LLC)Altitude (Nimbly Games)Cogs (Lazy 8

Studios)Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios)Miegakure (Marc ten Bosch)Vessel (Strange Bend Games)The voting action for the Gamer's Best Accolade ($10,000 banknote prize) is aswell now attainable to the public. No allotment is adapted to casting a vote, although you'd charge to advanced a mail admission to participate in the sweepstakes for an all-expense paid cruise to the event.More abstracts about the antagonism and the finalists can be begin over at the Indie Adventurous Claiming web site.

Bruce Shelley, co-designer of action abstract Sid Meier's Civilization and Age of Empires, is lending his architecture adeptness to the development of Dejected Byte's attainable city-limits architect The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, to be arise by Ubisoft.Shelley was an aboriginal key affiliate of Dallas-based Ensemble Studios, breadth he was heavily circuitous with the architecture of the studio's aboriginal game, Age of

Empiers, which spawned a acknowledged alternation of real-time action games. He served in NBA 2K18 VC assorted capacities with the aggregation until it was bankrupt by client Microsoft endure year.During the backward 1980s and aboriginal 1990s, Shelley had formed alongside Sid Meier at MicroProse, accommodating on the architecture of amateur like Railroad Tycoon, Buried Action, and the seminal Civilization.His captivation in The Settlers 7 was anxiously arise in an official
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Aba / Sebastien acclaimed that animate amateur of buynba2k
« Última Mensagem: por nba18mt Online Fevereiro 23, 2017, 04:00:59 am »
Sebastien acclaimed that animate amateur adeptness not be as accordant in the NBA 2K18 MT amusing space, and that console-to-social ports could be chancy because the differences in user demographics: "Social adventurous users affliction added about the amusing mechanics of a adventurous instead of the abyss and superior of adventurous play, which is afflicted to animate adventurous players. Added than EA, we agenda that bequest adventurous publishers acquire absolute little assimilation in the amusing networking articulation of the bazaar and are acceptable to beforehand in these platforms this year.

The analyst aswell warned adjoin appliance fatigue, citation it as a "key risk" for amusing adventurous developers and publishers to accumulate in mind. "Given the about simple adventurous play, the sometimes arbitrary users, and the amusing dynamics of the adventurous play, appliance fatigue is a key accident for amusing adventurous companies unless companies focus added on accession and adventurous quality," he said.You can see a blueprint of

 Lazard Capital Markets's 2010 beforehand forecasts for adapted spaces ares of the online adventurous industry (e.g. China Online growing 25 percent to $5.6 billion, basal worlds and accidental MMOs growing 35 percent to $1.4 billion, and iPhone amateur and applications growing 25 percent to 1 billion) below:

The 12 finalists for the Indie Adventurous Claiming antagonism were arise NBA 2K18 VC today, with admonition about anniversary of the alleged amateur and their developers already attainable to appearance from the official site. The finalists in the AIAS, Guildhall at SMU and GameStop-organized accident are advancing for added than $350,000 in bulk monies and scholarships this year, with the winners to be arise during the awards presentation commemoration afterwards the
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Report PDF / Re:[RESOLVIDO] Helper para ajudar no desenho do TCPDF
« Última Mensagem: por Celso R. Online Fevereiro 22, 2017, 08:59:12 pm »
Grande Willian.
Muito obrigado por compartilhar.
Esse código vai ajudar muita gente com certeza.
Report PDF / Re:[RESOLVIDO] Helper para ajudar no desenho do TCPDF
« Última Mensagem: por Moacir de Oliveira Online Fevereiro 22, 2017, 06:25:24 pm »
Ola Wagner

Menu Ferramentas -> bibliotecas internas - crie uma nova biblioteca (pode ser publica,usuario ou projeto) e cole o codigo acima.
Na aplicacao -> programacao -> bibliotecas internas habilite a biblioteca que vc criou.

Em  LAYOUT>CODIGO>CORPO na aplicacao vc copia e cola

$_wp_helper = new WP_TCPDF_HELPER($this->Pdf); //o parametro do objeto PDF é obrigatorio
$_wp_helper->showGridAndRule(); //mostrar a cuadricula + regua diferenciada ao do SC

Espero ter ajudado.
Consultas / [RESOLVIDO] Botão RUN - como informar a data da baixa
« Última Mensagem: por Felipe.nardi Online Fevereiro 22, 2017, 05:31:33 pm »
Grande Haroldo, tuas dicas foram valiosas.

Como eu resolvi?

No ONRECORD do botão RUN:
Código: [Selecionar]
if (empty([glo_str_operacoes_id])){
[glo_str_operacoes_id] = {operacao_id};
[glo_str_operacoes_id] .= '#'.{operacao_id};

No ONFINISH do botão RUN:
Código: [Selecionar]
Criei uma aplicação CONTOLE control_nova_otp_do_data com dois campos:
{operacoes_alteradas} tipo label
{nova_otp_do_data} tipo data

No ONLOAD da APP control_nova_otp_do_data:
Código: [Selecionar]
$operacoes = explode("#", [glo_str_operacoes_id]);

$operacoes_alteradas_montado = '';

foreach ($operacoes as &$operacao_id_alterada) {

sc_lookup(ds_operacao_alterada, "SELECT producao_sublote_id, do_data FROM operacao WHERE operacao_id=$operacao_id_alterada");

$ds_operacao_alterada_sublote = {ds_operacao_alterada[0][0]};
$ds_operacao_alterada_do_data = {ds_operacao_alterada[0][1]};
$ds_operacao_alterada_do_data = sc_date_conv($ds_operacao_alterada_do_data, "AAAAMMDD", "DD/MM/AAAA");

    $operacoes_alteradas_montado.= "Operação: $operacao_id_alterada | Sublote: $ds_operacao_alterada_sublote | DO Data: $ds_operacao_alterada_do_data<br>";


{operacoes_alteradas} = $operacoes_alteradas_montado;

if (!empty([glo_nova_otp_do_data])){
{nova_otp_do_data} = [glo_nova_otp_do_data];

No ONVALIDATESUCESS da APP control_nova_otp_do_data::
Código: [Selecionar]
$operacoes = explode("#", [glo_str_operacoes_id]);

foreach ($operacoes as &$operacao_id_alterada) {
sc_exec_sql("UPDATE operacao SET do_data = '{nova_otp_do_data}' WHERE  operacao_id=$operacao_id_alterada");


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